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Since Fall 1998

Last Update: Sat, Sep 27 , 2014, 7:00 am EDT

CSS Meeting, Sep 28, Noon, Aegerter's Shop, Call Josh at 330-424-2682, Bring a chair

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 2014 Pulling Schedule

Light Pro Stock Schedule

Classic Super Stock

Natural Super Stock

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Upcoming Events

Sat, Sep 27, 7:00pm, Georgetown, BMT

Tue, Sep 30, 6:30pm, Coshocton, CSS, HR



2014 Summer Points

Light Pro Stock

Hot Rod

Classic Super Stock

Natural Super Stock

Mark Fleck, Fleck Farms II, 2014 LPS Points Champion

Ed Gortner, 2014 NSS Point Champion

Dave Spillman

Barney Taylor


John Abbott

Dave Perry

Ed Gortner

Kent Butler

Jeff Shaw

Barney Taylor

Larry Mouser

Barney Taylor

Russ Clark

Steve Badgett

Mark Fleck

Jon Cronkleton

Andy Hurst

Jimmy Mabry

Mike Butcher

Joe Cronkleton

Brandon Schott

Todd Kendle

Kurt Wyler

David Spillman


2014 Dekalb Results


Mike Butcher; 937-645-7657
Larry Mouser; 937-441-1242
Joe Cronkleton; 937-355-5251 or 937-597-4061





2014 COTPA Warrant Waiver Form

2014 COTPA Membership Form


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Light Pro Stock
Hot Rod 2014
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