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Dekalb Super Pull Line up
24th Annual Invitational
Preble County Fairgrounds, Eaton, Ohio
Staging and sign ups start at 4:00. Please allow ample time to have your vehicle moved into the building.
Friday March 3rd 7:00 pm

*Pull Order to be determined.

Natural Super Stock:
Tim Beiser     Hamilton, OH
Kent Butler     Elwood, IN
Mike Clark      Rushville, IN
Bill Downing      Centerville, IN
Dave Nieman      Hamilton, OH
Mike Patterson      Modoc, IN
Dave Perry      Albany, OH
Bob Rhoades      Centerville, IN

Mini Rods:
Brian Amos     
Dave Campbell     Zanesville, OH
Billy Ewing     Ostrander, OH
Tony Ewing     Ostrander, OH
Randy Fenstemaker     McComb, OH
Eric Harmison      Des Moines, IA
Brad Richardson      Ontario, Canada
Pete Vandenberge     Ontario, Canada

Buckeye Outlaws*:
Randy Andrews      Decatur, IN
Travis Centers     Burlington, KY
David Flaig      Hebron, KY
Buck Kisner      Covington, OH
Glen McCreery     Muncie, IN
Paul Meal      Waldron, IN
Kerry Unger 2014     Eaton, OH
Kerry Unger 1984     Eaton, OH
Russ Werner      Centerville, IN
*Vehicles will be teched.

NTPA Mod. Trucks:
Larry Jarrell     Gallipolis, OH
Dave Moore      Cheshire, OH
Floyd Roades     Batavia, OH
John Swinehart      Somerset, OH
Crystal Zedreck      Chicora, PA
Eddie Zedreck      Chicora, PA
Ike Zaring      Filmore, IN
Jake Zaring      Filmore, IN

COTPA Light Pro:
Mike Butcher     Richwood, OH
Russ Clark     Covington, OH
Joe Cronkleton     Zanesfield, OH
Jon Cronkleton     Zanesfield, OH
Justin Fleck     Celina, OH
Mark Fleck     Celina, OH
Chuck Hefner     Zanesfield, OH
Scott Huelsman      Chickasaw, OH

Limited Light Supers:
Ron Bailey     Ohio
Mark Filiatreau      Bardstown, KY
Jake Huffman     Attica, OH
Mike Jennings     Michigan
Chris Moore     Winchester, OH
Ethan Moore     Ohio
Floyd Shingleton     Lexington, KY
Kevin Shingleton     Lexington, KY
Mike Thomas      Indianapolis, IN

2.5 Diesel Trucks*:
Logan Brunk     Ansonia, OH
Mason Cartwright     Botkins, OH
Justin Gilliland     Eldorado, OH
Michael Lipps      Greenville, OH
Chris Mann      Jackson Center, OH
Doug Monroe     Rising Sun, IN
Evan Pearce     Mt Gilead, OH
Nick Stamm     Stryker, OH
Mitchell Wesler      New Paris, OH
2.5 Diesel Trucks: Using the COTPC 2016 rules. Vehicles will be teched.

Saturday March 4th 7:00 pm

*Pull Order to be determined.

Hot Rods:
Todd Cooperider     Columbus, OH
Gary Frame      Quaker City, OH
Gary Gabriel     Ashville, OH
Larry Mouser      Ridgeway, OH
Gerald Prouty      Norwich, OH
Jeff Shaw      Mt. Victory, OH
Barney Taylor      Fletcher, OH
Jim Tietge      Eaton, OH
Josh VanHorn      Malta, OH

NTPA Mini Rods:
Bret Berg      Farmington, MN
Eric Harmison      Des Moines, IA
Chris Martin      Farmington, MN
Sam McCrary      Prospect, OH
Tyler Slagh      Zeeland, MI
Dick Storehalder     Waldon, MI
Jerry Thompson      Janesville, WI
Jason Webb      Bronson, MI

NTPA Blower Trucks:
Phillip Balliet     LaOtto, IN
Matt Cain     Eaton, OH
Tina Cain     Eaton, OH
Brad Carrender     Knightstown, IN
Tom Eisman     Atlanta, IN
David Koglin     Port Hope, MI
Bill Potter/Brian Grifka     Peck, MI
Brent Secrest      Celina, OH
Ray/Jacob Shepard     Brown City, MI

NTPA Light Pro:
Roger Earley     Sabina, OH
Matt Holland     St. Paul, IN
Travis Hughes     Liberty, IN
Greg Lamb     Madison, IN
Jared Nussbaum     Berne, IN
Wes Spencer     Greenville, OH
Kyle Woodruff     Sabina, OH

Hot Farm:
Darren Bommer     Brookville, IN
Greg Elpers     Evansville, IN
Mark Gettinger     Cambridge City, IN
Ron Howe     Marshall, IL
Kenny Maasberg     Evansville, IN
Michael Peters     Greensburg, IN
Tylan Reynolds     New Paris, OH
Mike Robbins     Greensburg, IN
Derek Vonderhaar     New Paris, OH

Altered Farm:
Jack Bingham     Greenville, OH
Dean Cottingham      Eaton, OH
Donald Cottingham     Eaton, OH
Jake Dengler      Middletown, OH
Rob Hester      Eaton, OH
Brandon Monebrake     Eaton, OH
Scott Patterson      Farmland, IN
Chris Rosenberger     Brookville, IN
Ross Shepard      Eaton, OH

2.5 Diesel Trucks:

Top 5 Winners from Friday

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