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Central Ohio Tractor Pullers Association Class Description for 2014

All Central Ohio Tractor Pullers Association (COTPA) competition vehicles are required to be equipped with all appropriate and modern safety equipment. This would include things like SFI flywheels, SFI clutches, kevlar scatter blankets, wheelie bars, dead man throttles, ignition kill switches, front axle ski bars, 4 or 5 point driver restraint harnesses, 2 or 3 bar roll cages, Engler style hitches, and more. COTPA will not allow competition vehicles to compete unless they pass the safety inspection.

8500# Light Pro Stock (LPS) Class Description:

The Light Pro Stock Class is a black smoke, diesel tractor class. This class derived from our Classic Super Stock class. The main modifications, from the Classic Super Stocks were increased cubic inches and larger turbo size. The average horsepower for this class is approximately 1200 horsepower. This is a diesel fuel only class. The turbo charger is a 3.15 compressor wheel with unlimited turbo wheel outlet. Within our current class, the cubic inches varies between 504 to 540 with the maximum cubes allowed being 540. Maximum cut tire size of 24.5 x 32 push the ground speeds between 26 and 28 MPH. The cylinder block must be from the same (tractor) manufacturer and bolt into place without modifications. Hood, grill, transmission, frame, rear end and axle must maintain stock appearance. Maximum wheel base is 114 measured center axle to center axle. This diverse group of pullers has all the main tractor manufacturers in this class: John Deere, International, Ford, Allis Chalmers. This ground-eating, black smoke tractor class is a very crowd-pleasing pulling class!
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