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Central Ohio Tractor Pullers Association Class Description for 2014

All Central Ohio Tractor Pullers Association (COTPA) competition vehicles are required to be equipped with all appropriate and modern safety equipment. This would include things like SFI flywheels, SFI clutches, kevlar scatter blankets, wheelie bars, dead man throttles, ignition kill switches, front axle ski bars, 4 or 5 point driver restraint harnesses, 2 or 3 bar roll cages, Engler style hitches, and more. COTPA will not allow competition vehicles to compete unless they pass the safety inspection.

6000 lb V-8 Hot Rod (HR)

The small block V-8 Hot Rod class is a popular nostalgia class based on the NTPAs unlimited modified class from the 1960s and 1970s. This class maintains many of the original aspects of the early NTPA tractors such as the antique tractor chassis powered by a single modern high output automotive small block V-8 engine with nearly 800 horsepower that can produce wheel speeds of 30 mph on the track at 8000 rpms. This class is a fan favorite for speed, power and pure V-8 sound. Between 10 and 12 tractors are present at each sanctioned event and the class shares many rule similarities among neighboring states which allows for a unique class composition at many events. Each tractor is custom built from rear axle to front end and nearly all original components are upgraded to withstand the increased horsepower over their original design capacity. There are 9 tractor chassis brands represented (Cockshutt, Oliver, IH, JD, Farmall, McCormick Deering, Allis Chalmers, Ford and Massey Harris) and 3 small block engine brands (Chevrolet, Mopar, and Ford). The average build cost for these tractors can be as high as $50,000 and the average V-8 Hot Rod driver has at least 10 years of pulling experience to help control these sled pulling dragsters.

If you have more questions about the HR class, please contact Nathan McCune at 740-624-8097, Todd Cooperider at 614-313-9329 or Larry Mouser at 937.441.1242.

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