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Central Ohio Tractor Pullers Association Class Description for 2014

All Central Ohio Tractor Pullers Association (COTPA) competition vehicles are required to be equipped with all appropriate and modern safety equipment. This would include things like SFI flywheels, SFI clutches, kevlar scatter blankets, wheelie bars, dead man throttles, ignition kill switches, front axle ski bars, 4 or 5 point driver restraint harnesses, 2 or 3 bar roll cages, Engler style hitches, and more. COTPA will not allow competition vehicles to compete unless they pass the safety inspection.

6200 lb Naturally Aspirated Super Stock (NSS) Class Description:

Although an entry-level class, the horsepower and wheel speeds are considered among the best in the lightweight naturally aspirated tractor class nationally. This class is comprised of a diverse offering of 8 tractor brands (Case, Minniapolis Moline, IH, Oliver, Ford, Cockshutt, JD and an AC under construction) with power output ranging from 500 up to 700 horsepower and wheel speeds between 21 to 28 miles per hour, depending on track conditions. The OEM based inline six cylinder diesel engines are converted to run on methanol and operate between 5000 up to 7200 rpms which produces a very unique sound. The NSS class also offers a variety of cubic inch displacement (CID) engines with CID equalizing performance requirements designed to keep the class competitive. Due to the high level of power output obtained without the aid of a turbocharger, these machines can cost between $12,000 to $30,000 to build because of the highly customized engine, transmission, and chassis components. Given the variety of brands and engine sizes, the NSS class is very competitive. In 2013, an average of 18 feet separated 1st place from last place. This class averages 8 to 9 tractors per sanctioned event. For the 2014 pulling season, the NSS class expects to add 4 additional competing tractors over and above the 10 tractor that competed in 2013. The pullers who compete in this class reside throughout Central, Southwest, Southeast and Northeast Ohio and Eastern Indiana. If you have more questions about the NSS class, please contact Ed Gortner at 614.551.9144 or Bill Downing at 765.220.0336.
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